About Me

James Ramsay The Prospecting Plugin

My name is James Ramsay.

I am an independent consultant who has worked with databases for around 14 years.

I have worked for a number of different industries including Financial services, Telecommunications and Superannuation (Pension) industries across the United Kingdom and Australia.

I am very hands-on and like to experiment with new code and systems. In particular, I have strong skills in SQL (Oracle and Sql Server), proc SQL, VBA, Regular Expressions, Unix, ETL routines, batch scripts, VBScript, Database design and set-up. I have built many other tools using Microsoft Access and you can view them on my other website – Campaign Management Tools page.

I am based in Sweden but cover the entire European region. I am part of a wider network of colleagues and associates that cover most of the UK and Australia.

I would be prepared to travel further given the right circumstances.

If you would like to hear more about a tailored Prospecting Plug-in for your organisation then please get in touch.