Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the Prospecting Plug-in take to install in my company?

There is no need for systems or regression testing because we only use elements that are already there, e.g. Access, Outlook and Excel. The shared directories and email exchange servers are likewise installed and functioning. All we are doing is tying them together in a neat package with the Prospecting Plug-in. The main development work in installing this plug-in is the requirement to tailor the Excel Application to suit the requirements of the individual firm. The layout and type of customer data, the response buttons, images etc will all need to be discussed prior to implementation. If a business wanted very little changed in terms of the Excel Front-end then the whole system could be available in just a few days. If the development of the Excel application is quite extensive then it may take around 3 weeks. Further, if lead generation isn’t something that you are already doing then this can be a fairly lengthy process to instigate as the quality of the leads has to be absolutely perfect for implementation. If lead quality is lacking at the outset then you are unlikely to get buy-in from front-line staff. I could get you up and running with a full lead generation program in around 2 months.

What are the advantages of implementing the Prospecting Plug-in over other CRM systems?

  • Cost (the complete solution will cost around GBP£25,000 to set-up and includes onsite installation, training and materials). This will obviously depend on location and specific requirements but it is a ballpark figure for most organisations. Remember that this is a tailored solution, not an out-of-box solution. It will be geared to suit your business requirements.
  • Simple but effective Interface.
  • Existing Technologies have already been tested and approved by Technology departments.
  • Extensive experience in implementing similar program for LloydsTSB, Natwest and RBS banks.
  • Simple Support Arrangement.
  • Timeliness… very quick to set-up and implement.

What if I don’t already have a Lead-Generation Process set-up?

Well, firstly… shame on you!! Secondly, not to worry. I have had plenty of experience setting-up lead generation program for some of the biggest banks in the world. I will have no problem in getting you started in the right direction. In fact, if necessary I could set-up the entire program from start to finish, no need for anyone else – just a bit of help getting suitable system permissions and someone to train once set-up is complete.