What is it?

The Prospecting Plugin uses the Microsoft Office suite to create a feature-rich CRM system for the delivery and tracking of sales leads.

The Prospecting Plugin consists of the following components:

  • A Microsoft Access Database
  • A Microsoft Excel Template that acts as a GUI for viewing and tracking leads
  • A Microsoft Outlook module enabling multiple emails to be delivered without the need for third-party software.
  • Considerable error-checking to ensure smooth and consistent workflow.
  • Scripts to help set-up the campaign management functions on your marketing database (to help establish your lead generation program)
  • ‘How To’ documents for both user and administrator
  • Extensive support and consultation to ensure that the lead generation program is set-up and functions correctly

Process Diagram

The Prospecting Plugin Full Flow Diagram

How does it work?

The Microsoft Access database is the hub of all activity. It is where all the administrative functions take place. There is a main user form which interacts with all other applications and functionality using Visual Basic code (VBA). There is a simple step-by-step process that the administrator follows which guides the system through creation, delivery and tracking of the various Prospecting applications. To view screen-shots of the database and Prospecting Applications please view the Interface page.